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Peace be upon you, Welcome to Islam Advocacy Course, in English, which is presented to you by Dr. Gharama Al-Shehri and Dr. Abdullah Abu Ashi, one of the Academy’s Introducing Islam courses. We also ask you to read all the contents of this page carefully, before starting, please participate in the following survey:

Course Instructions:

The course is based on self-learning at any time and from anywhere. There are no specific dates for the availability of lectures or tests. Once the first lecture and its test are successfully completed, the second lecture and its test will appear directly and so on until all eight first-level lectures are completed. Upon completion from all the lectures of the first level and the final exam successfully, you will be shown the second level and so on until the completion of all five levels, so it is very important to organize your time to learn and complete self-exams.

Course Progression Policy:

Due to the importance of the sequence of course topics, progress in the course will be gradual, meaning you must progress through the course in order, successfully completing the first lecture and its test, then moving on to the second lecture, and so on. Then successfully complete the first level and move on to the second level, and so on, until completing the five levels and obtaining the course certificate.

To pass the course, we advise you:

  • Watch the lecture fully and write down the important points.
  • Submit the quiz after reviewing the lecture well.

Course evaluation policy:

  • To pass the short quiz after each lecture (a minimum 60% mark is required to successfully complete the lecture) for all eight lecture quizs.
  • Passing the final level exams for each level (60% of the minimum score is required to pass successfully).

Course communication policy:

For inquiries related to the course,and inquiries related to technical support or quizzes and their availability, you can contact us via the Help and support page click here or e-mail at

Subscribe to the Telegram channel:

To enhance communication, interact with the course, and be closer, we strongly advise you to subscribe to the Islam Introducing Academy channel on Telegram to receive all notifications, updates, and alerts for the course with the following link: clik here.

Important notice:

It is important to take care to organize your learning time for the course, so we highly recommend allocating a specific time daily or every two days to watch the lectures and take quizzes, which often contain a few questions aimed at measuring your comprehension for content.

Next step:

Proceed to the next page and then commence with the first level of the course list.

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